Goldies Wholefoods and ICompete Natural: The Perfect Combo

Goldies, ICompete Natural and the Angels

ICN Pechuda Copeland holding Goldies Porridge Pots
The lovely Pechuda Copeland. Photo: Rob Caven Photography

Here at Goldies, we are focused on providing natural goodness and energy through our yummy porridge. We know how important nutrition is to so many folk and we're super excited to become involved with ICompete Natural NZ.

ICompete Natural is a worldwide organisation, involving 94 countries and over 35,000 members. The President and Vice President of the New Zealand branch are Brenda and Andy McDonell. After many years being involved in the industry, they are the perfect choice to take on ICN NZ.

Goldies is a proud new sponsor of ICN NZ and we wanted to share some of the amazing fundraising work they do.

How does ICN work?

Simply put, ICN is all about bodybuilding, sports modelling, fitness and health without the use of enhancing substances. The substances which are prohibited are set out clearly, using guidelines from the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). [1]

The goal of ICN is to maintain the principles and ‘the spirit’ of sport. Through competing without substance use competitors are more evenly positioned, making for a healthier and more valid event. ICN celebrates the natural body which potentially opens the sport of bodybuilding and sport modelling to a wider group.

There are a range of categories which competitors can enter, from Ms Wellness to Ms Fitness Model, and there are divisions for men and women. Are you keen? Check out the link for more details:

ICN Angels Division

This division is all about the ladies and it gives them the chance to get creative with stage outfits – must include a set of wings! The women, apart from looking stunning in their fabulous costumes, help to raise money for charity through taking part.

One of the supported charities is the Breast Cancer Foundation of New Zealand. With breast cancer being the third most common cancer in New Zealand and causing more than 600 deaths every year, this is a very worthwhile cause. The Breast Cancer Foundation not only raises money for research, but it also educates, advocates and applies for funding for a range of related initiatives. [1] 

We’re sure that ICN’s support and their raising awareness of the Foundation must be so valuable. And Goldies loves the vibrant way they’re doing it! We look forward to sponsoring this division at the next event.

Laura Baker winner of the Angels Division, Sep 2022.
Laura Baker, winner of the Angels Division 2022. Photo: Rob Caven Photography.

I Am Hope

At the next event on the ICN NZ calendar, I Am Hope is the chosen charity. Known by the Gumboot Friday fundraiser, The Armed Forces and Emergency Services Championships on November 12th in Palmerston North will ask the competitors to put their best foot forward and glam up their gumboots. I’m sure their creations will be spectacular as anything goes! Supporters can also join the fun - get decorating!

For more details:

I Am Hope was founded by Mike King to offer support to Kiwi youth with mental health concerns. The organisation’s aim is to change the way mental health is viewed in New Zealand so that our youth are more likely to get the help they need. [1]

They give access to free counselling and over 3 million dollars has been spent on this since the initiative started. Statistics tell us that the number of young people managing mental health problems in New Zealand has risen steadily.[1]

We know the competitors will have a ball parading their beautiful boots, but to know how much help this will give our precious youth makes the event even more special.

To learn more follow this link:

Goldies loves supporting ICN and their commitment to give back to our communities. Having our porridge at the competitions also gives competitors an easy and healthy snack option. Go along and support this inspiring organisation. Who knows? It could be you on stage next!